Association Receipt Requirements

You can use your own style or format for the receipt, as long as the following 
required information is on the receipt.

  1. Name and address of association.
  2. CardholderÂ’s name as it appears on the card.
  3. Name of member, or person attending conference, if different than cardholder.
  4. Type of card, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.
  5. Card number.
  6. CardÂ’s expiration date.
  7. Membership Dues for what year or time period. If payment was for a conference, 
    indicate the name, date and location of conference.
  8. Total amount of transaction.
  9. Date charge was submitted.
  10. The following statement: "These charges will appear on your monthly card billing statement as"

Example of receipt that could be printed on letterhead:

Receipt for Membership Dues or Conference Fees

Your ___VISA, ___MasterCard,.___Discover, credit or debit card has been charged as follows: 
Membership Dues for ______________   _____________________________
Card Holder Name
Name of Conference ______________  
_______________________________   _____________________________
Member or Conference Enrollee
Date _______________ if different.
Location _____________________   _____________________________
Card Number
____________________________   __________________
Card Expiration Date
____________________________   ____________________________
Date Charge was Submitted

These charges will appear on your monthly card statement as