ATM, Debit and Credit Card Payment Authorization Requirements

You can use whatever style or design you prefer for collecting the information needed to make the charge, as long as the following required information is included:

  1. If charge is for membership dues, indicate the membership year or time period.
  2. If charge is for a conference, indicate the name, date and location of conference.
  3. Name and address of member, or person attending the conference.
  4. Name on card if different.
  5. Type of card, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.
  6. Card number.
  7. Expiration date.
  8. DVV Security Number from back of card.
  9. Amount Charged.
  10. Signature of card holder.
  11. The following statement: "Charges will appear on your monthly card statement as"

All thought it is not required, it is recommended that have a statement describing your refund policy.