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What type of membership fits your practice?

A Sole Practitioner membership is designed for a single professional. This account type will have one designated user and all transactions will be deposited into a single bank account. The annual membership fee for a Sole Practitioner is $150.00

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A Group Practice membership is designed for a setting that is beyond a solo practice. When multiple professionals work together in one setting, such as a clinic, and all of the funds received go into one bank account, the Group Practice membership is ideal. This membership can effectively manage up to 15 authorized professionals, all of whom would be able to submit charges and access their individual account ledgers. All of the funds are deposited into the group or corporate bank account. The annual cost for the Group Practice membership is $200.00.

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A Professional Association membership is designed for professional associations with a membership. The association would use our services for collecting membership dues and submitting charges for workshops, educational activities and materials. The professional membership of the association, or anyone who signed up for a workshop or education materials could of course make an online payment directly to the Association. The Association can have up to four designated users (officers and authorized employees) who would have access to the Association account records as well as having access to submitting charges. The funds from the charges go into one bank account for the association. The annual membership fee for an Association membership is $150.00.

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